Caring for your skin in winter

There are a lot of external factors that can cause your skin to dry and flake more in the Winter, which you need to be mindful of in the cold winter months. such as Harsh central heating - Heated air inside causes low humidity, which leads to water evaporating from your skin. - To combat this, you can also get a portable humidifier and keep it next to your home, or if you are workaholic like me you can pop it next to your desk at work.

Hot baths and showers - There is nothing more enjoyable than a hot bath in the colder months of the winter, I love it just as much as the next girl. Still, hot baths and showers can dissolve the protective barrier in the skin which will lead to dry and flakiness of the skin.

Make sure you are only doing a full exfoliate of your skin twice a week, any more than that your skin will begin to dry and become irritated. When using an exfoliant scrub you need to let your skin heal after use, After I wash my body scrub off in the shower make I make sure. In contrast, my skin is still hot I Immediately lather my skin with the “AFTER “ body oil - This will help combat your skin drying from the hot temperatures of the shower. To seal in oils, I always apply my “ALWAYS” moisturizer on top. which sets the oils into my skin and leaves it feeling silky even in the colder months of winter. Using oil and moisturizer on my skin daily helps me keep my glow and combat cold flakey winter skin. Everyone’s skin is different. If you suffer from acne or eczema, you need to listen to your skin and nourish it and tailor your skincare routine and usage to how your body is feeling. 

My last tip to combat dry and flakey winter skin is sunscreen isn’t just for hot summer months, at all winter sun can seriously damage your skin apply sunscreen to the parts of you body that is not covered, like your hands and face as they are always exposed. To stop these parts of my body from aging rapidly, I apply my “DURING” on my hands and 30 minutes before I go out if I’m going to be out all day. Me personally I wear makeup on a day to day basis. Which gives me SPF coverage on my face; however, I apply sunscreen to my hands and neck every day to keep my skin youthful and combat any sun damage.