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What do you do?

I’m a early childhood educator, model and a mama to be in a few weeks!

What is your beauty ethos?

I like to believe that I have a very self expressive, no-fuss approach when it comes to my personal beauty ethos; favoring simple, natural and sustainable pieces and products over any other. I find that by refusing to stray from what truly feels right for me and my body it enables me to feel positive, strong and confident in myself.

What does body confidence mean to you?

Body confidence for me is acknowledging all the good and the bad that comes with being human. I truly believe that the internal as well as external are equal players in the body confidence game, sometimes we have bad days and that’s okay because they help us to truly appreciate the good ones. You don’t have to love yourself 100% all the time, you just have to know there is no one in the world who can do it like you do.

How has ed&i helped you feel body/skin confident?

Ed herself took me from thinking there was never a chance I could ever rock a teeny weeny bikini to feeling like a boss the very first time I put on one of her pieces, with her warm and accepting energy she reminded me of one key idea, every body is a bikini body you just simply have to put one on. That whole hearted acceptance and positivity is ingrained into every product which enables me to feel gorgeous in my Ed&I without compromising anything that is important to me.

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