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What do you do?
Currently working as an after school care teacher with little kids and also a part time makeup artist!
What is your beauty ethos?
I personally think that simple is best! I really love knowing what's going onto my skin, especially because my skin can be quite sensitive.
What does body confidence mean to you?
Body confidence to me is being able to feel comfortable in your own skin! Learning to love yourself for who you are and any struggles you've overcome is super important. I have endometriosis and recently had laparoscopic surgery for it and wearing a bikini with my new scars is definitely something I'm slowly learning to love!
How has Ed and I body helped you feel confident?
The body range smells AMAZING and I constantly get compliments when I'm using them so that is always really nice to hear!  I feel so much more confident using these products than any of my other body products because I know they're full of natural ingredients. The before scrub and after oil... I can't live without these. My skin feels so insanely smooth and soft after using this combo and I feel so much more confident in a bikini because of them! xo

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