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We caught up with Aussie  Babe Liv and had a chat about what body confidence means to her. 
What do you do?
I am a student on my last semester at university studying interior design. In my spare time I run my own business doing digital illustrations.
What is your beauty ethos?
My beauty ethos are very Important to me and is something I am still learning about everyday. I am learning to look after myself, my thoughts on others and change my understanding of “normal”. However over the past few years my mental health has been on rapid decline due to not looking after myself and appearance due to feeling guilty on spending money on myself or I never felt good enough. However I come to learn more about how your beauty only comes from within. It not only appearance or what others have to say.. but kindness and how you treat yourself and others. It’s taking care and doing what’s best for you. It all comes from within.
What does body confidence mean to you?
Body confidence is a massive thing to me. I think every individual should love and adore themselves and celebrate that. However it can be super hard. For myself I have struggled with major acne and recent weight gain. I went from a size 10-14 and that was really hard for me. In the past I was somebody who never understood why people felt so Insurcure about there bodies until I put on a lot of weight and had the judgement of others. I become very introverted and anxious, depressed, lost lots of friends and did not love myself. And sadly the judgement of people will always be there... and you can’t do really anything to change that. But you can change how you see yourself and own worth. I now can proudly say I am happy and live myself. It takes time but it’s important. Because you are a queen. You are beautiful. And believing in yourself will change your whole entire life.
How has ed&i body helped you feel body/skin confident?
Honestly I feel so confident in Ed&I body due to the fact I trust the ingredients I am putting on my skin and know/see the results. My skin is GLOWING, soft, smells good and super radiant!! I feel confident going out showing off my body.

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