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What do you do?
I’m the founder of Rosé Skin and over see admin/accounts work for my parents!
What is your beauty ethos?
I love to know what is going on my skin/body, so natural products are my go to. It’s always been hard to find body care that works with my skin but with ed&i I have had nothing but amazing results with using them.
What does body confidence mean to you?
Body confidence is loving myself 100% and accepting that this is me and the only me I will ever have. So to love and care for myself has been a journey but I’m so glad I’m here! The hardest part has been learning to leave judgement aside.
How has ed&i body helped you feel body/skin confident?
My skin has never been so smooth, soft and hydrated. I have had dry skin for years and these products have such long last effects. I can wear a dress or shorts without the fear of dry legs! And did I mention the glow from that body oil? OMG xxx


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