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We caught up with the very talented content creator Sammy Davies for our Self Love Club⁣.
What is your beauty ethos? ⁣
Our skin absorbs everything that goes onto it, so I try to ensure I use natural products that will cause no harm to myself or the environment. It's so important to care for your skin and it doesn't have to be over-complicated either. ⁣ ⁣
What does body confidence mean to you? ⁣
The ability to accept and embrace your flaws (everybody has them) ❤ We all have bad days, these are the days where I try give myself some extra self care and love. Over the years I've learnt what makes me feel more confident and have grown to believe in myself which makes a huge difference. ⁣ ⁣
How has ed&i body helped you to feel body confident?⁣
During winter my skin becomes drier that the Sahara. ed&i has transformed my skin, leaving it soft, hydrated and radiant. I love how empowering ed&i is and they are a brand I will definitely continue to support 🤍

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