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What do you do? I work in property management with Instagram as my creative outlet
What is your beauty ethos?
I believe in finding the beauty products that work for me. Skin is something that’s always intrigued me, it’s great for me but different for someone else.
What does body confidence mean to you?
Although I don’t have a banging body, body confidence to me is being comfortable in my own skin. It’s also about loving myself completely, regardless of the size or shape
How has ed&i body helped you feel body/skin confident?
The 4 step skincare system has helped me change my body care routine. These are so easy to use and leave my skin glowing and feeling luxurious. These products have given me the confidence to show my bare skin. Either leaving a few buttons undone, or being shirtless at the beach, I feel confident that my skin is looking bomb and It’s all thanks to ed&i.

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