Purchase with a Purpose

With less than 7000 Cheetah’s left in the wild compared to over 100,000 a century ago, the Cheetah is classed as vulnerable and endangered. The decreasing numbers are due to loss of habitat by us humans, illegal poaching and illegal Cheetah trafficking mainly to the middle east. Across Africa conservation programmes and Cheetah sanctuaries have opened to support the growth of Cheetah numbers and protect these beautiful cats.

With the launch of our Ingulule collection, which means Cheetah in Zulu, we wanted to give back to this needed cause. We are proud to announce our partnership with Dewildt Cheetah Center, a Cheetah conservation center in the heart of South Africa. As a family here at ed&i which includes all our customers and followers, we have adopted a Cheetah called Lily into our family. Without local government funding, we will take care of Lily, her vet bills, run training and more. With the help of all our ed&i family, we have made it possible to give back to a cause in need of more human help. Welcome to the family Lily. 

This new collection is dear to my heart. It makes me upset and emotional when I think about the animal cruelty, pouching and exportation of wild animals and animal products out of South Africa, my home country. I wanted this new collection to stand for something, to have a purpose and to give back to a cause which needs immediate help. With the launch of our first ever print being Cheetah, what better way of giving back, than to adopt a Cheetah into our ed&i family. 

xo ed

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