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Welcome to ed&i swimwear

"I need simple coverage to get the best tan and prevent unwanted tan lines,

I want classic cuts so my swimwear is timeless and reliable as my 'go to' pieces and trusting cuts, 

and  I require style. Style is achieved when simple and classic is at the heart of the design”

My passion for this little slice of fashion started from a young age. I cannot remember a time I did not have at least 20 bikinis on hand to choose from. I live for long summer days, island hopping, jet skiing, sun tanning, lazy afternoon sun sets accommodated with whisky and good company.

I spent my New Zealand summers at our batch located on the east coast, before spreading my wings and returning home to South Africa. I have had the privilege of traveling much of the world from the greater Africa, Asia and America. My travels have been a huge part of inspiration to my pieces.

I believe a bikini needs to be simple and sexy, from the beach to the cocktail lounge. I wanted to create a swimwear range incorporating these attributes, while also bringing a level of everyday fashion, a staple and investment piece to every girls wardrobe. The colours in my range are inspired by the need for my pieces to offer timeless and classic styles to wear season after season. Every woman needs to have a “go to” piece of swimwear, a second skin, a quality little slice of fashion.  

 xx ed


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