Our mission to empower and inspire skin confidence through a transformative body care system. We want women to embrace their skin and feel confident from the outside and within.
Here are some body care routines to inspire you to look and feel skin confident.


STEP 1 – Hydrate from WITHIN

Start your morning with a full glass of warm lemon water and taking 2 capsules of SKIN WITHIN. Drinking lemon juice with warm water every morning helps in maintaining the pH balance of the body. Acts as a detoxifying agent. Helps with maintaining digestive health. Along with vitamin C, lemons are also a rich source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

STEP 2 – Go to breakfast

I like to keep it simple. Keeping it simple starts your day off right with the correct amount of nutrients.

1 scoop of the ed&i FIT WITHIN Hemp Protein Powder

3 scoops natural unsweetened yogurt

1 kiwifruit or a quarter pineapple

STEP 3 – Morning Affirmations & Journaling

Read over your morning affirmations. Take a moment to reflect and truly believe what you are reading. We have some morning affirmation templates to help which you can find here. Write down what you are grateful for, what you will attract in your life today, your to do list and most importantly, journaling how your day will go before it has even started.

STEP 4 – cleanse/scrub

Start your morning with a shot of real caffeinated goodness to wake your skin. Our MORNING COFFEE is designed to be used morning, night, or both. For a gentle cleanse, wet your face and hands before applying. For a deep scrub, apply to your dry face. De Puff from the night before with the De Puff Ice Roller which combines ice therapy and rolling massage. Glide on clean skin in the morning for an instant wake-me-up or use with serums to accelerate absorption.

STEP 5 – Care and protect

Ed likes to finish her morning face routine with DAY DRIN-C, a 2 in 1 vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum, topped with a SPF 50 from QUICK FLICK.  

STEP 6 – Body Care

Our BEFORE is such a gentle scrub that it allows you to use it daily. Before jumping in the shower, lather your body completely by scrubbing onto your dry skin. Leave for 2-5 mins and rinse. BEFORE is a body scrub enriched with nut oils and a natural pumice which will leave your skin hydrated without stripping your body’s natural oils.

STEP 7 – Hydrate

Immediately after jumping out of the shower and your skin is still hot, lather your body with ALWAYS. Allow the rosemary, sunflower seed, and nut oils to soak into your pores before dressing for the day.  If you plan to be outside at any point, pop your DURING SPF in your bag and be sure to protect.


STEP 1 – Cleanse/scrub

Before jumping in the shower, lather your body completely by scrubbing BEFORE onto your dry skin. While the scrub sits on your skin, apply MORNING COFFEE to your dry face working the scrub in circular motions around the face. Wet your fingers for a gentler application. Once finished jump in the shower and rinse completely.

STEP 2 – Lather and hydrate

As you come out of the shower and dry off, lather your body with AFTER followed by another full body application of ALWAYS to lock in the oil and hydrate your skin. (Trust me, your skin will feel transformed after this 3-step system when you wake tomorrow morning).

STEP – 3 Face care

Pop on a vitamin A serum or retinol cream, followed by your eye cream and any other night hydration treatment you think your skin needs.

STEP 4 – Pop the kettle on

Make yourself a cup of tea of your choice and make yourself comfortable.

STEP – 5 You time

Take some time reflect on your day. Write down what you have been grateful for and set yourself goals for tomorrow. Remember, it is important to reflect and be grateful for what you have, those who support you and the blessings you have. Focus on the good and more good will come.

Finally, remember to get off your phone at least an hour before bed.